We are Mood Seasons !

 We create fragrances to sync your mood to your scent. Giving you the ability to express your inner and outer intricacies through the least understood of all human senses - smell.



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The Journey

The Mood Seasons story began with our CEO, a "Frag Head" and amateur perfumer, who sought to develop scents that could emulate the feelings, desires, hopes and dreams of everyone who wears it! This posed a wonderful challenge, given that the sense of smell remains as one of the least understood of the human senses

Four flights, A Christmas holiday, and a dozen camel sightings later, Mood Seasons was born. Comprised merely of a bedroom lab chemistry set, accounting knowledge and lots and lots of free samples in exchange for honest reviews!

4500 Free samples later, Mood Seasons was ready to go. Starting off as a supplier to major perfume brands within the industry, we later developed our unique bamboo bottles to best present our natural ingredient based fragrances to the world.  

The story would not be complete without mention of the 2nd in command who currently serves as head of operations. The sensual woman with a shared passion on fragrances, ensuring that only the best quality reaches your cabinets!

We aim to give our customers:

Premium quality      |       Scents that tell a story      |        Vast selection

At Mood Seasons, we believe people should be able to benefit from a huge range of scents, so you can step in and out of your "comfort zone".

We understand that there are certain scents that our customers have become accustomed to, hence we produce the highest quality of Perfume Oils inspired by your popular market brands - as well as our own original scents.

Just as our mood and the seasons change, our scents should be able to reflect this.

We look forward to becoming your new favourite. 

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